Why Mobile Marketing is so critical for your business

Mobile is the hot new area for marketers. whether you are a small or big business, mobile marketing is getting everyone’s attention.  As they say statistics don’t lie, this is the the only type of marketing that has a graph consistently trending upward. Google has predicted that mobile marketing will exceed the desktop marketing in two years. So why is this so ? and what is available to marketers and how can they deliver the message on the mobile devices?

Why Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing brings more ROI

As the name suggests, Mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phone by their nature are mobile, and availability of internet is getting more affordable, so it makes sense to stay connected to the internet all the time. As the browsing experience on mobile devices get better and marketers are using technologies such as responsive design, we can see that mobile devices such as mobile phones are becoming more useful, with more engagement. also the  design of your web property such as website or apps is becoming increasingly more sophisticated whereby users can access the information  in less amount of time.  Adding cloud computing to this mix , now we can store everything online and have our documents available everywhere. It seems that very soon the mobile device will become your device of choice where you can access pretty much everything and you can perform any task from the phone.

Mobile optimization

It is no-brainer that businesses to optimize their business properties on the internet for the mobile devices. What i mean by optimization is that you should use the mobile features such as touch to call or easy to touch to link to other documents. Also the text is easy to read and easy to search on your mobile site. Pinching and squeezing is always an annoyance and has prevented people from adopting the technology. Content should also be optimized for the mobile device, since search patterns are very different in mobile phone compared to the desktop search.

Mobile Search Engine Optimization

Searching behavior is not the same on mobile phones. we tend to use short acronyms for many things while texting or searching on the browser for the lack of space and many times we search using the voice, Also there is additional visual aspect of the phone, such as camera that can add to the search experience and certainly the re is location component. typically the searches are based upon the current location of the phone without adding any location keywords in the search phrase. All in all Searching is more complex on the mobile phones and optimizing the correct keywords can be a challenge. a good marketer will know that right keywords research is critical to the success of an SEO program.

Mobile Pay Per Click  and Banner Ad marketing

Despite of the less ad real-estate on mobile phones, this is becoming a very attractive option for advertising user ads on the search engines. Google’s enhanced campaigns in adwords  and Bing with their equivalent model are well equipped to place those ads on the mobile browsers.

Mobile Text Marketing

Mobile Text Marketing is another Area of growth for the businesses particularly in the B2C space. mobile texts are great way for businesses to build their loyalty program. As it is mostly opt in marketing so spam is usually low and customers have the option on un-subscribe. Theer are many applications available for the text marketing, particularly in rear-estate, restaurant industry, Physician and Dentist clinics, and so many more.. Big advantage of the text marketing is that open rate for text is more than 90% compared to email marketing that is typically 23%. So many options are available for Mobile Marketing, see your WSISMM consultant to see what is the best option for your business. To find out more WSI’s mobile solutions

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